How to rent a private jet?

Before renting a private jet, you have to find the ideal airline. It is quite difficult to determine which one to choose especially if it is the first time you do this type of rental. You can rely on word of mouth and ask friends who have already rented a jet. This will allow you to have a point of comparison. Contact Let’s fly Private Jet.
Intermediaries are also a good idea to find the jet you need. Called brokers or brokers, these intermediaries work in companies independent of the airlines. Their role is to offer you planes available at the moment. The advantage of this type of company is that it presents a wide range of aircraft. In addition, by doing so, you will have a better chance of finding a plane quite quickly. It is good to know that this type of company has no device and has no power over the change of rates or time.
You see, it is not complicated to rent a private jet, especially since you can do it directly online on some sites. All you have to do is provide the relevant information such as the place, date and time of departure. You can also request a quote on the price of the trip you want to make.

The different types of private jet

The reasons that can push a person to rent a jet are multiple. Some prefer comfort while others rely on the capacity of the device. The type of jet to rent can therefore differ from one person to another. They should not be chosen lightly, because every detail counts. Discover :
To make your choice, consider the type of trip you want to start. Some jets are specially designed for long-haul flights, that is to say that last more than 4 hours. The jets for this kind of trip are the most impressive. For journeys that last less than 4 hours, you can choose from three other jet models.

Most companies offer 4 different types of jet:

The private long-haul jet with flight attendant: which can accommodate more than 8 passengers and a lot of luggage;
The private jet of medium size put on the comfort and can carry a lot of luggage, it can receive 8 passengers at the most;
The light private jet: a comfortable jet that receives no more than 6 passengers for a journey of less than 2 hours;
The turboprop: intended for trips of less than 2 hours for users who do not require comfort or ability to carry important luggage, ideal for busy professionals.

Rates and services

The fare is set taking into account the characteristics of the flight you want to do. There is a free online tool that allows you to estimate the price of your flight. Its advantage is that it is connected to many companies in the world.
To request an estimate of the flight you want to do, you need to give accurate information. Among others, the city of departure and arrival, the dates, the number of passengers and the desired schedules. After including them in the fields intended for this purpose, all you have to do is click on search and you will get the estimate.
To rate the rental of a jet, the companies take into account various details. Like the number of passengers, the day of the week, the schedule, the destination, the type of private jet, the place of departure, the flight time and the level of comfort. The price of one hour of flight over the same distance may also vary depending on the type of aircraft.
There are two types of benefits. The first concerns the services included in the rates such as meals and drinks depending on the flight, personalized reception, dedicated lounge …. As for the second, it includes the various à la carte services: vehicle rental, professional accompaniment, small treats (small oven, meal menus).