Aeronautics news

Motorized flying machines are among the most fascinating inventions ever known to man. Today, the world of aeronautics is experiencing a meteoric rise thanks to technology that is constantly reforming all areas. The intervention of technological renewal in aeronautics means that air transport is rapidly improving day by day. For more informations, contact your helicopter specialist firm. That is why more and more people are choosing to travel by air. In France, for example, Paris airport saw a 4.7% increase in traffic compared with last year for September this year, counting among its 9 million passengers. This increase in traffic is visible even in international travel, i.e. in travel outside Europe. Indeed, it reaches a percentage of 6.7. As for traffic in Europe or outside France, the increase recorded is 4.6%. As a result, airlines must take these increases into account by reinforcing safety measures, but also by renovating their equipment. Aircraft must be maintained and runways must be rehabilitated to avoid possible incidents. Indeed, many people are interested in air transport and the excursions created at the request of flying and piloting enthusiasts.

Piloting and first flight

Traveling by plane or helicopter is not only enjoyable, but also exciting. What could be more exciting than flying through the air and admiring the magnificent panorama that the land and the sea offer us. This feeling during a flight is well known by the regulars of the “Airbus” or “Boeing”. But being able to be at the controls by yourself is a completely different matter. Nowadays, several flying clubs offer tourists and those interested the possibility of taking a first flight, alone, with family or friends. The short trip can last 30 minutes, the person is at the controls of an aircraft, either a tourist plane or a helicopter. Aeroclubs in France now offer services for the discovery of flying. It is in fact one or more flying lessons that last 30 minutes each with an instructor who will introduce you to flying in complete safety. These introductory flights are offered at different rates depending on the club you join, the number of people or the aircraft you choose. The cost can be adapted to your budget and is still lower than the unforgettable experience you are living. So don’t hesitate any longer and let yourself be carried away by this crazy wind towards a captivating distraction.

Helicopter training and license

The dream of some little girls was to become a stewardess or supermodel while some little boys dreamed of being pilots. Helicopters were often one of our boys’, or sometimes our girls’, favourite toys! If during your childhood or even today you are attracted by the profession of pilot, associations are able to make your dream come true. Online offers on this subject are in great number. Whether it is just for fun or to embrace a possible career, many clubs are at your disposal for a recognized helicopter pilot training. These courses last between 3 months and 1 year and a half and consist of theoretical and practical lessons during which you will be trained to the required level. Exceptionally, the module is reduced if the person concerned is already an airplane pilot and the conditions are less strict, i.e. 39 hours of flight, including 5 hours individually, are sufficient to obtain the certificate. At the end of this training, a licence will be issued to you. This will allow you to travel with passengers without remuneration and without distance limitation. The conditions for obtaining this diploma are not very difficult, you will have to be of the required age, i.e. 17 years old and have flown at least 45 hours, including 10 hours solo. These hours correspond, of course, to the courses you have taken in training. You must have passed the theory exam in the form of multiple-choice questions. And lastly, you must have been declared fit by a licensed physician.